The Bling Club shows you how to wear your Crystal Wrap Bracelets as Anklets

The Bling Club shows you how to wear your Crystal Wrap Bracelets As Anklets

Do you LOVE wearing your vegan leather crystal wrap bracelets from The Bling Club? Our jewelry Fans gave me an idea of a fabulous new way to wear and style them!

It’s super easy! Just take any 2 bracelets that¬†are the same style, snap them together, and wrap around your ankle or your boots! Start at the inside of your ankle or shoe for the best results. The snaps make it very convenient¬†to adjust the sizing to fit your needs perfectly.¬†You can use 2 of the same color or be creative and mix 2 different colors together!

It‚Äôs a totally unique look unlike any other ‚Äúanklet‚ÄĚ you may have. Not to mention it‚Äôs very EASY to put on just like all of your other jewelry from The Bling Club. Don’t forget that all of our jewelry is “snag free” and won’t catch on clothing or hair!

Here are 9 fabulous fashionable ideas for outfits to wear with your new ankle wrap look:

  1. With a knee length sundress and wedges for brunch.
  2. With a trendy dress and pumps for date night
  3. With stylish shorts, a blouse and booties for girl’s night out
  4. With pumps, cropped jeans and a lacy tank for happy hour
  5. Over booties with a denim skirt and a sparkly tee for a concert
  6. With a flowy dress and strappy sandals for a festival
  7. Over heeled boots with leggings for a night out
  8. Over cowboy boots with jeans
  9. With strappy sandals and a bodycon dress for a night of dancing

The chic, stylish ankle wrap look can be worn anywhere that you just want to add a little sparkle to your outfit. Don’t be shy, be bold and show the world how you shine!!

the bling club boots with wrap bracekelets as anklets

The Bling Club shows how to wear your boots with our Crystal Wrap bracelets As Ankle Accents

There are some great pics here to get you started with some sassy ideas for your outfits. We styled our pics with our vegan leather wrap bracelets with crystals as well as our vegan leather wrap bracelets with crystals and studs.

Be a creative trendsetter and show everyone how they should be wearing their bling! Be sure to tell them where you got your fabulous bracelets and of course how you Got Your Bling Without Breaking The Bank!

Please feel free to share any pics of how you styled your wrap bracelets. We love hearing from our Bling Fans and seeing your creativity with our jewelry!

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