Hello Bling Fans!

I’m frequently asked “How much Bling is too much?” Well, that’s not exactly a simple question to answer. It really depends on your outfit and the setting where you will be.

For example, if you are at work at the office, it’s better to go on the conservative side to be safe. You can still wear sparkle, but limit it to one classic piece such as our smoky crystal statement necklace or the pearl shamballa earrings. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple. You want to be recognized at work, but for the right reasons!

For date night, you can amp up the bling a little more. After all, you want your date to see you shine!! I recommend 2-4 pieces of sparkle in some contrasting shades/colors. Maybe wear 2 of our vegan leather wrap bracelets stacked in different colors? Wear a mix of gold and silver just tie it together with one common color like clear crystals.

Formal occasions such as weddings should be a time to celebrate and dress up, but you don’t want to “show up” the couple getting married so show a little restraint when choosing bling jewelry for the event. Our crystal shamballa earrings are a perfect accent that add color and sparkle without being over the top.

These are simply some starting points to think about but again, there really is not right or wrong answer for every occasion. No matter what, use your Bling to show the world your individual style and just how much you Sparkle!


Heather Bling